New Zealand Photo Journal

The day I found out I was going to New Zealand I was absolutely glowing. The Alberta School of Business has an awesome business case competition program ran by Doug Leong, and though I had been chosen to compete in external case competitions like the Ethics in Action Competition at Dalhousie University and the CPA Board Governance Case Competition, I was always uncertain if I would be chosen to go on an international case competition. It seemed like the people going on these competitions to Spain, The Netherlands, and Hong Kong were leagues ahead of me in terms of their experience and ability in cases. This year, I got to compete on the JDC West Marketing Team, and through a stroke of good fortune and a zillion cases later, finally had enough experience to be chosen to represent the University of Alberta at the Champions’ Trophy Case Competition in Auckland, New Zealand.

We spent one week at this case competition, meeting our wonderful hosts from the University of Auckland (we kept arguing about which school is the real U of A!) and meeting other teams from all over the globe from the U.S., The Netherlands, Denmark Thailand, Australia, and China to name a few. The cases that we got to work on were absolutely incredible and exposed us to parts of New Zealand culture we had no idea about. Most notably, the cases that we got to present on were addressing issues faced by New Zealand Rugby and Air New Zealand.

After the case competition, we flew across the country to Queenstown, then to Wellington, and finally made our way back to Auckland for a final beach day with our new case competition friends from University of Auckland and Copenhagen Business School. We spent most of our time with the case competition in Auckland, and doing tourist-y things the rest of our stay.

Must-dos in Queenstown: Rent a car for this area because there is so much to see outside the city! Milford Sound tour, hike up Roy’s peak, grab a to-go lunch and eat it near the docks while listening to live music.

Check out in Wellington: Flight Coffee Hangar for flights of coffee – that’s right, 3 lattes all in one – you’ll be wired all afternoon. Te Papa museum & don’t miss the Maori altar, it’s the most stunning cultural piece you’ll ever see at a museum.

UAlberta team at the final gala during Champions’ Trophy. We didn’t place in the case competition, but we did win the Ka Pai Cup for team with best spirit!

Professionalizing Your Resume

professional resume

It’s time to start looking for a big girl job. Working in the service industry has been fun, makin’ mad dough and meeting fun people, but it’s time to move on.  The hardest part about looking for a big girl job is making your part-time, little experience required, entry-level job seem grown up. It’s hard to imagine yourself impressing the HR team of a major accounting firm with a rap sheet of Barrista at Starbucks and Sales Associate at American Eagle. But here’s the thing- no matter what position you held, you learned valuable skills that can apply to the new position you are applying for. You just have to highlight qualities and skills that employers may not immediately think of when thinking of entry level positions.

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