St Albert Enjoy Centreflower arrangement @ St Albert Enjoy CentreSt Albert Enjoy Centre, Glasshouse BistroGlasshouse Bistro, Enjoy Centrefossil sunglasses, enjoy centre

Who knew there were so many cool places to go just outside Edmonton? The Enjoy Centre is my latest find, located right in St. Albert. After hitting the St. Albert Farmers Market, we stopped by to see this massive structure- it’s part event venue, garden centre, grocery store, greenhouse, spa, and cafe. Don’t miss the Glasshouse Bistro & Cafe, which features expansive views, tons of natural lighting, and a wide variety of seating: anywhere from funky leather couches to crisp tables to upholstered booths. Definitely going to come back to Enjoy later this year for some sunshine therapy and to stroll around through all the beautiful plants.


Nicole Hammond

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