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Ripped Denim Skirt via Pink Pencil SkirtRipped Denim Skirt via Pink Pencil SkirtRipped Denim Skirt via Pink Pencil Skirt

Pink Pencil Skirt sporting a denim pencil skirt and praying for more crop top weather. Also raving about purse backpacks – they are so great for being well-prepared and still looking non-committal. Fits a book, sun block, and large water bottle, all without looking too sporty.

Ripped Denim Skirt via Pink Pencil SkirtHush Lash Studio Edmonton via Pink Pencil Skirt

Have you ever had someone ask you “when was the last time you had time to be with your own thoughts?”. Well the question has been posed to me a few times, and I usually would answer that, as most people, I get to really think about life right before bed. But, I would get a real kick out of answering “at my eyelash appointment last Monday, and you?” I never thought that I would be able to fall asleep while someone is gluing eyelashes to my natural eyelashes, but since it’s a 2-hour procedure, somewhere in the middle I found myself dozed off. And the whole thing was kind of nice, just to have some time to chill and be with my thoughts. And so asides from eyelash extensions looking fantastic (if I do say so myself), I think the eyelash appointment is an effective mechanism for meditation and self-reflection.

Now, I’m not used to wearing a lot of make-up, so I was a bit nervous about getting my lashes done because I thought my face would look unbalanced if I had really intense lashes and light make up on. But at Hush they have two different types of lashes, either the volume or the natural set, so you can get whatever look you desire — I chose the natural set because I wanted the new lashes to look as subtle as possible. The lashes also come in different lengths, and the stylist consults you on what the best length is for you. My natural length is 8 mm, so the lashes they attached to my natural ones alternated between 10 and 11 mm. The end result looks like you did a really, really good job on your mascara and it’s like that as soon as you wake up. It’s been great while being on vacation because I can go swimming and still look like I’m wearing mascara coming out of the water.

If you like having the look of really defined mascara without all the effort in the morning, or want to cease the opportunity to be one with your thoughts, I would definitely recommend giving eyelash extensions a try. They’ve certainly given me a boost of confidence and have made me feel like I can bat my eyelashes more effectively. The girls at Hush Lash Studio were great and answered all my first-timer questions. Also, I’d like to share that I am super excited to announce that Hush Lash Studio was Pink Pencil Skirt’s first ever partnership, huzzah! To learn more about Hush Lash Studios or to book an appointment, check here.

Ripped Denim Skirt via Pink Pencil SkirtTHE HAUL

Lace crop top – Aerie ; Denim Skirt – Zara ; Shoes – Converse ; Lashes – Hush Lash Studio Edmonton


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