The handmade bralette: a guide to homemade gifts this season

Handmade Bralette via Pink Pencil SkirtHandmade Bralette via Pink Pencil Skirt

“I just bought underwear from Superstore and sewed it into a bralette. The whole thing is just chunks of underwear.”

If there’s one thing about my friend Emily’s style you need to know, it’s that she love love loves bralettes. She has a leather one, a velvet one, and about 12 other ones. So when it was Emily’s birthday, her best friend Lauren thought it would be a good idea to make her a bralette.

Lauren, crafty as ever, decided that it would really add to Emily’s collection to make her a bralette with hand-prints. Now, you may not be able to tell from the photo, but the beige-detailing that kind of looks like flesh-colored seaweed is actually a hand-print. Aside from its humorous value, the bralette (paired with a gold chain, of course) looks pretty neat-o on Emily but was too risqué to display to the public.

In return, Emily also got Lauren some pretty ingenious gifts (their birthdays are back-to-back) including slippers hand-made out of feminine pads and an hollowed out Breaking Dawn book, for storing secret goodies.

Just in time for the holidays, my friends have reminded me that there is no better gift than a hand-made or thoughtful gift. People always think of hand-made as being inaccessible if you’re not crafty or creative, but what about the homemade gifts that make us laugh or bring a smile to our face? Channel Lauren and Emily this holiday season and I’m sure you too will be able to make thoughtful gifts for your loved ones out of underwear chunks.

Nicole Hammond

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