Wishlist Wednesday #1: Fall transitions

Warm winter outfit via Pink Pencil Skirt


Warm (Vest) – Patagonia $179 // Cute (Crop Sweater) – Urban Outfitters $49 // Recycled (Jeans) – Urban Outfitters $139 // Cozy (Booties) – L.L. Bean $109

Presenting…Wishlist Wednesday! On Wednesdays I’ll be posting an assembled outfit like the one you see here. It’s called Wishlist Wednesday because I don’t own these items to actually create an outfit post, so I’ll just have to resort to fantasy online shopping.

About this look: As fall transitions into winter, this outfit allows you to keep warm in the am and de-layer in the pm. I discovered the Patagonia brand while in Halifax and was very impressed (Patagonia please come to Edmonton!). The quality and uniqueness of their designs definitely deserves a visit to their website, especially if you are into an outdoor lifestyle. Fall is all about layering, so with a warm vest you can still afford to wear a crop top with high waisted jeans. Just zip & unzip accordingly. The jeans, asides from being amazing, are made out of vintage and surplus materials, so you can feel good about buying them too. And finally, I’m glad to see the cozy & cute L.L. Bean boot making its way to becoming the winter shoe of 2015/16. Definitely on my Christmas wish list!

Nicole Hammond

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